Official Johnette Downing Wiggle Worm Fan Club

Hey Parents! Is your child a wiggle worm? If your child is a fan of Johnette Downing’s music and books, he/she can be an official member of the Johnette Downing Wiggle Worm Fan Club and get a free packet of cool Wiggle Worm exclusives such as an Official Fan Club Member Card, photograph of Johnette, a Fan Club letter, music and book activity sheets and more! Children will also receive a “Members Only” quarterly email newsletter filled with music activities and games just for them! The Official Fan Club Member Card is their ticket to special offers, members only events and a behind the scenes look at the artist and her music. Don’t forget to bring your Official Fan Club Member Card to Johnette’s concerts and book signings. As a special thanks to fans, we have included a link below for a free downloadable song! So sign up your child today!


Johnette Downing’s Wiggle Worm Fan Club Newsletter


 ***** SPECIAL NOTICE *****

Due the large volume of Fan Club memberships, the Wiggle Worm Fan Club packet is now available in downloadable form. Please sign up for the Fan Club by including your name and email address below. Once you sign up, you will receive 1) a quarterly “Members Only” Fan Club e-Newsletter filled with fan news, fun facts, activities and special offers, and 2) a link for the downloadable Fan Club packet! Go Wiggle Worms!

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