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Music Time
By Johnette Downing

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  • Genre: Kids/Family: General Children’s Music
  • Release Date: 2005
  • CD: 15 Songs
  • UPC #634479126215


“Johnette Downing has put together a collection of twelve previously released and three new songs to help children learn a little about a variety of subjects. “Tick Tock Rock” teaches children about telling time. “Getting Dressed” encourages them to be independent and to dress themselves. “Shaky Tooth” is a lovely little ditty about losing one’s teeth.

From rockabilly to blues to just plain toe-tapping fun, this is music you can pop into the van as you’re running errands or driving carpool. Mom’s happy, Dad’s happy and the kids can sing along to these optimistic, upbeat, encouraging tunes.”

Ann Hillers ©2006 Parents’ Choice

“Children’s singer, arts advocate and preschool music teacher Johnette Downing, nicknamed the “Pied Piper for Louisiana music traditions,” serves up a mélange of Cajun, Creole, Southern blues, Caribbean and boogie-woogie influences on her new CD, Music Time. Taking children through daily activities with songs about learning to tell time, wishing for rain, eating peanut butter sandwiches and more, Music Time encourages youngsters to join in with clapping, singing, call-and-response and movement.”

Education Watch – Grammy Foundation (

“Worth a listen. Other can’t miss titles: Johnette Downing’s Cajun and Creole influenced Music Time.”

Scott Moore, Kids Post, The Washington Post

“New Orleans native Johnette Downing serves up a gumbo of fun in this recording of music perfect for preschool and primary grade boys and girls. Originally released as an audiocassette in 1992, Downing has rerecorded the 12 original tracks and added three songs to produce a fresh product. Piano, guitar, and simple melodies with harmony are the roux of this recording. For seasoning, Downing throws in “Rhythm Band” (a Caribbean-flavored tune), “Shaky Tooth” (a piano rag accompanied by a muted trumpet), and the title cut, “Music Time!” (a honky-tonk boogie whose piano accompaniment is sure to get little ones up and wiggling). The meat of the recording celebratees rituals of daily life — “Getting Dressed,” “Riding My Bike,” “Tennis Shoe,” and “Wonderful Friends” — as well as instructional opportunities such as counting bears in “Honey Jar” and telling time in “Tick Tock Rock.” A variety of musical styles, tempos, and rhythms are the gumbo’s file, keepinbg listeners engaged. With eminently singable tunes, Downing delivers a winning collection for libraries of all sizes.”

Stephanie Bange, School Library Journal

Music Time. 2005. 39min. Wiggle Worm, CD, $15.
PreS–Gr. 2. Singer-songwriter Johnette Downing is from New Orleans where, despite Hurricane Katrina, it is always “music time.” Unlike her 2003 release, The Second Line, this does not consist entirely of activity songs, although some tunes do suggest specific ways (clapping, singing, call-and-response, movement) youngsters can participate. The lyrics are simple enough for young listeners, but never seem dull or trite. All but three of the songs appeared on Downing’s “first analog cassette in 1992.” Luckily, nothing sounds dated, including songs about wiggly teeth, bike-riding, fish, friends, rainy days, and peanut butter sandwiches. Dowling’s music is more laid-back and musically diverse than raucous Mardi-Gras music. Young listeners will be charmed”

Paul Shackman, American Library Association’s Booklist

“Louisiana on my mind. Louisiana native Johnette Downing is feeling life has come full circle. A veteran children’s performer with a mission of introducing the rich musical heritage of Cajun, Creole and New Orleans jazz to children before Hurricane Katrina, Downing is determined to hold onto the music she was raised on. “A lot of musicians from New Orleans have gone to Austin or Memphis,” said Downing, in a phone conversation from her sister’s home in Houston. “We need to keep our culture alive. The very fiber of our being is music; it’s what makes us New Orleanians.”

The day before Katrina hit, Downing was reluctant to leave the New Orleans home she’d purchased nine months ago, but left with her guitar and mobile sound unit when the storm turned to Category 5. She hasn’t been back, staying with family and planning a tour that coincides with the release of her new early childhood recording, Music Time. First recorded in 1990 on audio cassette, Downing re-recorded a spicy mix of Dixieland jazz, zydeco, Cajun and Creole and added three new tracks for the CD.

The singer/songwriter may not be able to return to her home for six months and friends have organized an East Coast tour which Downing is philosophical about. “Through music and performing, I’ll work my way out of the disaster,” she adds.”

Interview with C.T., of Brooklyn Parent and Big Apple Parent

“Award-winning New Orleans singer/songwriter and children’s musician Johnette Downing is releasing a new studio CD on November 15. Conceived as a celebration of childhood, Music Time takes young children through the rhythm of a day. Johnette’s stylistic mix for Music Time ranges from Southern blues to Caribbean to boogie woogie (with close harmony back-ups) as she calls on her young audience to join in with clapping, singing, call-and-response, and movement.”

Treasure Valley Family, ID

“Sweet sounds from Louisiana. The cultural worlds of Louisiana and New Orleans took an unprecedented hit with the terrible devastation of Hurricane Katrina. But the area’s musicians haven’t given up. Johnette Downing, an award-winning children’s singer and songwriter, has always shared her Cajun, Creole, Zydeco and jazz “gumbo” with kids. Now, more than ever, her interactive performances are keeping the musical traditions of Louisiana alive. Music Time is Downing’s latest CD. It features the trademark toe-tapping, foot-stomping rhythms of Louisiana that have delighted parents and kids for years.”

Carolina Parent

“Singing sensation. Performer and children’s musician Johnette Downing, a native of Louisiana, spices things up with the release of her CD Music Time. Produced by Wiggle Worm Records, the CD blends Downing’s signature musical genres, Dixieland Jazz, Creole, Cajun and Zydeco rhythms, which get babies in cribs, crawling toddlers and busy tykes bopping through all 15 songs. Song themes include activities that kids can relate to, such as savoring peanut butter sandwiches, getting dressed, wishing for the weather to turn, riding bikes and learning to tell time. Bring the spice of the South and kid-adoring lyrics to your kids.”

Jenna Greditor, Parent Guide, December 2005

“Accompanied by guitar, other fine instruments, and various sound effects, Johnette Downing’s new recording is GREAT! A well established performer from Louisiana, she shares a taste of cajun flare that jazz lovers of all ages will enjoy. She brings the culture of Louisiana to her listeners, that is unlike any other place in our great country. This cd offers 15 fine selections that are all easy to listen to, very catchy, and a true inspiration and joy to listen to.

This CD is already an iParenting award winner and has just come to the market! You will want to experience this recording with your children. [be prepared for them to ask for it to be played again, and again.] This is one that will create in them a love for a different style than they are normally introduced to. There is no music like jazz. It is felt in the heart, as well as in the feet. When your feet start tapping, you will know they have turned it on again.

This CD brings everyday activities and life happenings to music. From ‘shaky tooth’ to ‘riding my bike’ and ‘getting dressed’, every child will relate to these songs. A catchy beat, a nice ‘down south’ feel, that will leave you feeling happy and ready to bop with the music. It is so nice when you can share music with your children that will bring other cultural styles to them, and in a manner that not only they will enjoy, but you too.

Johnette has a beautiful voice and her style is fabulous. A real treat for music lovers. Johnette Downing has been producing children’s music for a long time and has many other cd’s available on her website. Check them all out, to find your favorites.

After listening to this cd multiple times, it just makes you want to say “CHA CHA CHA!”

Jessica P., Family Review Center

“Conceived as a celebration of childhood, “Music Time” takes young children through the rhythm of a day with activity songs about getting dressed, riding bikes, learning to tell time, playing in a rhythm band, wishing for rain and eating peanut butter sandwiches. Downing performs each work with joy and exuberance in a mix that ranges from Southern blues to Caribbean to boogie woogie with close harmony back-ups and she invites her young audiences to join in the fun with clapping, singing, call-and-response and movement.”

Education News, Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

“This award-winning album utilizes Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, blues, Caribbean, and jazz rhythms in this 15-track kids’ album that makes up the re-recorded CD with three bonus tracks. Energizing guitar and lyrics engage listeners, asking them to join along with clapping, singing, and movement.”

Georgia Family Magazine

“New Orleans hurricane survivor and multi-award winning artist, Johnette Downing, has re-released her 1992 debut with three new tracks, proving that children’s music is timeless. A great aide to teachers and parents of tots, “Music Time” gets kids excited about their day. From counting, getting dressed, riding a bike and one pesky loose tooth, there’s plenty that’ll keep them happy. Youngsters can enjoy clapping and singing to Johnette’s simple and pretty melodies. Adults will enjoy the jazzy, bluesy and Cajun flavors served.”

Yosi, Your Child Today Magazine

“Johnette Downing draws upon Cajun, Creole, Zydeco and Jazz musical traditions and influences to create and perform fifteen lively songs for young listeners to enjoy. The selections comprising this highly recommended addition to any family, school, and community center CD music collection for kids includes: Original, fun, and superbly performed.”

Midwest Book Review

“Downing’s sweet, rich voice and folk-flavored guitar team nicely to produce happy tunes that emphasize that everyday. It’s fun participatory music; Downing calls out clear instructions that help little ones snap, clap, and wiggle in time to her infectious, at times, island-flavored rhythms.”

Christina Masciere, New Orleans Magazine

“”Family Matters: Kid Kulture – What’s Hot”
Multi-award-winning New Orleans singer/songwriter Johnette Downing has released a digital version of her 1992 hit recording “Music Time.” Conceived as a celebration of childhood, “Music Time” takes young children through the rhythm of a day, with activity songs about getting dressed, riding bikes, learning to tell time, wishing for rain and eating peanut butter sandwiches. Adults, too, will dig her signature mix of Dixieland jazz, Cajun, Creole and Zydeco rhythms. Pick up this disc at music stores for $15.”

Charlotte Parent