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CD - Silly Sing Along

Silly Sing Along
By Johnette Downing

Product Details

  • Genre: Kids/Family: General Children’s Music
  • Release Date: 2001
  • CD: 15 Songs
  • UPC #687066589825


“Silly Sing Along is a wonderful addition to any young child’s library of music. This is the album that will get them singing and infect them with the joy of music that will last a lifetime.”

Philip Melancon, Crescent City Parent Magazine

“Silly Sing Along is solidly in the tradition of pioneering kids’ musician Ella Jenkins. For Downing as for Jenkins, music is participation. And just as Jenkins has for a half-century occupied the playgrounds, schools and libraries of Chicago, Downing can usually be found somewhere in town leading gaggles of New Orleans kids in hand-claps, limbos, twists and wiggles. On this album, Downing combines traditional songs such “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and “Five Little Monkeys” with originals like “Bubble Gum,” a naming song. And in her “Bumped My Toe,” things get progressively sillier with each verse. Best of all, the liner notes don’t merely transcribe lyrics – they also spell out movements for each song.”

Michael Tisserand, Gambit Weekly

“You and your little ones will be singing along in no time.”

John Wood,