Educator Workshops

A twenty-six-year veteran early childhood music educator, keynote, and presenter, Johnette offers classroom-tested techniques for using music in the classroom through educator training workshops.

Time: 1-3 hours
Audience Age: Elementary School Educators
Audience Size: Ideal size is 30 educators.

“You are certainly blessed with special talents and the ability to make a room come alive with enthusiasm, excitement, fun, and learning. You work extremely well with adults. I can only imagine how fantastic you must be with children!”

— Bob Lange, Southern District Teachers’ Conference

All Children Laugh In the Same Language – Using Musical Games to Make Language Learning Fun!

When learning is doing, learning is fun. Add music, and learning is not only fun, but it is also memorable, meaningful and purposeful. Through easy language skills-based songs and musical games, children forget they are learning -grasping and applying the concepts with ease.

Multi-award winning author, musician and educator Johnette Downing shares classroom-tested techniques, showing that music and laughter are not only the best medicine, they are the best teachers. 

Books Sing: Linking Lyrics, Language, and Literacy

Books come alive through song as we explore the link between lyrics and literacy through story songs (stories based on songs). These story songs can be read or sung. Using rhyme, repetition, rhythm, melody, and sentence structure, participants will collaborate to create an adapted or original story song. Author and musician Johnette Downing draws on students’ musical and linguistic intelligence for integrating music and language arts.

Say It with a Song —
Building Language Skills Through Music

Music is the universal language and is a wonderful vehicle for teaching language. Through rhythms, rhymes, scarves, games and musical instruments, teachers will help students sing their way through rhyming, compound, color, pronoun, calendar and directional words as they develop basic language building skills. Join Johnette as she shares her classroom-tested techniques to make teaching language a song and dance!